You can read for many reasons: obligation, studies, work, and for pleasure. The latter is undoubtedly the most lovely for the simple reason that reading becomes a precious time that belongs exclusively to us.

The reader evades his own world into another that is, at the same time, witness and judge what is going through the words, that may be a novel as a short story. You can cry or enjoy with other lives, feel empathy with the characters because they are maybe going through your same situation, feed your curiosity devouring page-by-page to know the outcome, learn and be able to see things from another perspective. And if it adds that all of us, or almost, have a book that has helped sometime in our lives just to read a paragraph or phrases which has acted as a balm at a given time. Then, who dares to say to read is not healthy?

And to end a precious anonymous quote: “Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book”