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images-1I’m feeling rather proud of myself at the moment.  After many many years of being intimidated, I’ve finally broken in to the massive Murakami fan-club. I tried before, and got ‘Norwegian Wood’ out of the library, but the book just sat on my shelf making me feel guilty until it was nearly over-due without having being opened.  This time I thought I’d be smarter and deliberately chose the shortest volume the library had on offer.

Fortunately, ‘After Dark’ isn’t just short, it’s also beautiful and powerful.  Set during one night, it is a modern fairy-tale complete with mystery and possible magic.  The story begins near midnight at an all-night diner.  A young woman is reading alone in determined but apparently self-sufficient isolation. A chance meeting with a young man whom she’s met once before leads to a one-sided conversation and, subsequently, enounters with a host of night-time characters.  It’s an urban novel…

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