Hard Book Habit

I’ve spent the past month reading about mid 19th century Paris for an article I’ve been writing, and apart from the utter fear of submitting a piece for publication in the proper grown up world, I’ve been having a blast. I’ve been mainly reading collections of academic essays, which has given my brain DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – who doesn’t love that delicious freshly run over feeling you get the morning after exertions, especially when it’s been rather a long time since you worked those synapses quite so hard?

One unexpected joy has been discovering Emile Zola’s ‘Au Bonheur Des Dames’ or ‘The Ladies’ Paradise’ as  it’s known in English. I already knew the story of the department store based on The Bon Marché, the first department store in Paris, and the largest department store in the world for a time, from the BBC adaptation – ‘The Paradise’ that…

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