Can anyone imagine a book giving birth to fleas?

No, it’s not a joke. I met a person who believed it. Her problem was not that she did not like to read, nor that she used books just because they fit well with the color of the bookshelf. No, her problem was thinking that the books were junk without any use and that all they did is to accumulate dust and raise fleas. Fleas? Since when do the books have blood? Maybe her so thinking mind confused fleas with mites?

I told her that if she did not suffer from any respiratory problem, a little dust on the books will not hurt her, that neither the book nor the dust will poison her or bite or kill her. I could not convince her. Then I tried something very tempting for one who spent her day snooping around the lives of others.

“With the books, you can gossip thousands of lives without leaving home”

This seemed to arouse her curiosity, but I was so wrong. Then I dropped talking with somebody whose neurons were completely empty. I cut her off with her pink shammy, cleaning non-existent dust and repeating one more time that books were useless.

 C’est la vie!