A person can read for many reasons: work, study, or pleasure. The last one is indisputably the most desired. The reason is very simple, when we read without pressures, time becomes something magical that belongs only to us.

With a book, a good book, we can live all types of feelings. And many of us underline (or rewrite) those paragraphs that make us feel better and surely we will never forget. It’s fun to feed our curiosity, devouring a novel page by page to get to know the ending. And, if we talk about poetry, who hasn’t felt it at any given moment as a balm to the soul.

Books aren’t able to do miracles, but if sometimes these are capable to help us to see things from another perspective which we had not noticed before.

Then, who dares to say that reading is not healthy for our mind?

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book