The German screenwriter, Sascha Arango, is the author of The Truth and Other Lies, a successful novel published in 2014 and translated into 17 languages.

The novel’s main character is Henry Hayden, a seductive writer of international fame. Although the merit of his literary successes does not come from his talent, but from his wife, Martha, and Betty, his mistress. The first writes his books, the second is his editor who has contributed to these being bestsellers. Life smiles on Henry! But what happens when Betty gets pregnant? Henry has two options: confess to his wife or leave his lover. This event will derail Henry’s plans because he is not willing to let them discover his murky past and fake present. However, he will go on with his made-up life and creating many more tangles from which he will emerge unscathed.

The right answer would have been: My love, this is not going to end well. But that kind of answer has consequences. It changes things or makes them disappear altogether. Regrets are no more use then. And who wants to change anything that’s good and convenient?

This novel has all the components of the thriller, sprinkled with sardonic humor. It’s not a book that leaves a mark, but it’s ideal to entertain yourself on a weekend and escape from weekly stress.